Troye Sivan‘s delulu really came trululu! ICYMI, the Australian singer just dropped the collab of the year in August 2023, with a “Rush” remix featuring PinkPantherss and Stray KidsHyunjin, whom Troye publicly thirsted over a few months ago. Keep reading for details on the collab, how it came to be and a lyric breakdown of the remix!

How Did Troye Sivan Collaborate With Hyunjin and Pink Pantherss?

In June 2023, Troye revealed that he’s a fan of Hyunjin like the rest of us. The “Rush” singer posted a compilation of fancam videos featuring Hyunjin on TikTok, shortly after meeting him at a Versace show in May. “Anyone know how to reach this man,” Troye wrote as the caption. However, Troye revealed that after posting the video he received death threats.

“I got a lot of nice messages … but I also got a lot of death threats and stuff like that. So, I am pulling the brakes on that,” Troye shared during a July 2023 interview with Apple Music, explaining that he first stumbled across Hyunjin on TikTok. “I deep-dived and was like, ‘This guy is insanely talented.'”

During his chat with Apple Music, the “My My My” singer said that he would jump at a chance to collaborate with Hyunjin. “That would be so sick,” he told the host of a possible collab. “I would do that in a heartbeat.”

The former YouTube star went more in depth on how the actual collaboration came to be during a radio appearance on TripleJRadio in August 2023.

“This came together in the last few weeks,” Troye revealed of the “organic” collab, before recalling how he met PinkPantherss and Hyunjin. “Pinkpantherss and I have met once at a party, and I knew who she was of course,” he began, before adding they had a “really fun” party night together. “She’s so nice and so cool.”

As for Hyunjin? “I met Hyunjin in France, we were at this fashion show and I just kind of just went down the rabbit hole afterwards of watching videos and listening to the music,” he said. “And then kind of simultaneously the conversations [of a collab] were happening and then they both hopped on the song.”

What Is ‘Rush’ Remix About? New Lyrics

The remix of “Rush,” which was released on August 31, 2023, features a brand-new second verse from PinkPantheress. “Haven’t done this since September, right around then you were at my door. I can barely still remember, how did we end up on the floor?” she sings.

As for Hyunjin, the K-pop star adds some new vocals to the song’s second pre-chorus and hook.

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