When an actor takes on a television or movie role, they ultimately transform into totally new people. They're bringing characters to life and in order to portray a certain character, they have to make some changes to themselves. For some stars, this means cutting or dying their hair, or wearing clothes that are much different than their personal style. For others, they have to adopt a whole new accent.

There are tons of actors like 13 Reasons Why starlet Katherine Langford, or breakout hit series Riverdale's leading man KJ Apa who play American teenagers, but they're actually from other countries and have to disguise their accents. We know, it's mind-blowing, since they all do such an amazing job hiding the real way they speak. They are professional actors after all, so you know, it's their job to have you totally convinced they're these characters! And these are just two actors who have fooled you into thinking you're hearing their normal speaking voices when they grace your screens. Trust us, some of these stars will have you in disbelief, they're all just that good!

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Click through the gallery to uncover which actors completely hid their real-life accents for the most beloved acting roles!

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