It's never a dull moment when it comes to the Grier brothers.

Hayes Grier chatted with exclusively with J-14 magazine about his dirt bike accident a couple of months ago and the details are super scary. He explained that as soon as he was up in the air, he knew something bad was about to happen and his body went completely limp. As crazy as that might seem, Hayes revealed that because his body did that, he wasn't hurt as badly as he could have been if he tensed up.

Of course, being a social media star, Hayes shared his experience on Instagram and Twitter. Now, his older brother Hayes Grier is taking to the Twitterverse to talk about his recent medical mishap and it's really frightening.

The Vine star isn't known to faint randomly however that's just what happened and it has fans super worried about him!

He tweeted, "I just fainted so hard, never done that."

Hmmm…at least he's laughing about it? We're pretty confused about what is all going down as Hayes didn't leave very many details which is probably the reason everyone is freaking out about his well being.

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hayes 2

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Nash was the first person to update the world after Hayes' accident so we're hoping we'll get some answers soon. Clearly, fans are upset by it. Just hours before Nash reportedly fainted, he tweeted a photo of himself looking super happy. He captioned the shot, "Mood for the rest of 2017."

It's all super vague about what went down between this photo and his accident. We're hoping it's nothing serious since we have a feeling 2017 is going to be a big year for the Grier brothers. What do you think is going on? Is it serious or could he just be tired out? Whatever it is, we're rooting for you Nash and hope for a speedy recovery!

Make sure to leave all of your thoughts and a kind message for Nash in the comments below!

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