star Baby Ariel is everywhere right now. She's got over 7 million followers on Instagram and continues to slay all of her videos. It's obvious that this gal is on her way to mega stardom. But, how did she actually come up with her name? Clearly, she's not a baby. Ariel is actually 16 years old. So how did she acquire the unique moniker and why did it stick if she was well past the infantry stage when she made it up? Plus, we want to know more about her. We, as well as the fans, want to know what is in store for Baby Ariel's original music career, how she handles fame and if she's working on any other projects at the moment!

The editors here at J-14 have done a bit of hard investigative work to figure it all out. Finally, we've got some answers for you. Baby Ariel actually got her name by mistake, if that's even possible to imagine. Oh yeah, and she hated it at first. Like, really wasn't a fan of it but it was because of all of YOU that she was encouraged to keep it!

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What is Baby Ariel's real name?

Baby Ariel's real name is Ariel Martin. She chatted with RAW about why she's now known as Baby Ariel instead. She said, "It was actually very random. I was sitting with my friends one day and we downloaded the app Everyone was making screen names and my friend put Queen something or Dancer something. Now I was like, let me just put Baby just for a day. Randomly. No intention of anything. And one day my video got featured and it just stuck with me. And I was going to change it. I hated it at first. But then it stuck. And then I thought, okay, I have to stick with it now."

Does Baby Ariel get hate comments?

Yes! Speaking to Paper magazine, she said, "At first all of the hate really did get to me. I would burst into tears after reading one negative comment and come home crying because of the things people would say at school. Over time, I have learned to focus only on the positive. I only surround myself with people who lift me up. I ignore any mean comments and I even compliment myself. Confidence didn't come overnight, it took a lot of work and a lot of believing in myself."

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Where does Baby Ariel live?

Baby Ariel was born in South Florida and still lives there today with her mom, dad and her little brother Jacob.

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Will Baby Ariel release her own original music?

As of now, she definitely plans on doing so! Not only has Baby Ariel posted photos of her in the studio but she's also revealed that she has four songs in the works right now.

She talked to Seventeen and said, "One of them is about a boy, so it's a relationship," she said. "And the other one, I really like. It's about social media in a way and about being yourself… Not even only online, but in general. Be yourself always and don't worry about what anyone else has to say about you." There's no set date on when all of this will be released but we're hoping it's within the next year because we have a feeling it's going to be epic.

Where does Baby Ariel see herself in the future?

She has big dreams! She told Paper magazine, "I have been working on a few big projects recently. I have been journaling for the past year, and am looking forward to turning those journals into a book. I have also been in the studio a lot recently, writing and recording, and am super excited to release music."

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