Riverdale is finally happening. It's one of the most-anticipated TV series of the year — and fans are ready. The television show is a darker spin on the Archie Comics franchise, and features Cole Sprouse starring in his first post-Suite Life role, playing Jughead Jones. So when does Riverdale start officially? The CW show premiere date is tonight, January 26, 2017, at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

You can watch Riverdale on The CW or online after the show airs. It will be available for streaming on Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, and VUDU (unfortunately, no Hulu — but it will eventually be available on Netflix).

The cast of the show has been hyping up the premiere, and Cole tweeted out in anticipation, even making a little joke about the "late" air time, at least compared to the Disney Channel.

The actor previously told Empire Online that he only started acting again because the role was so compelling.

"I took a break from acting; I didn’t actually really anticipate coming back at all, but I really liked the project. When I was given the sides to read, there was basically three pages of just solid monologue. I thought, 'This would be challenging.' And I really like Jughead as a character; I think he’s really cool, especially this version of him," Cody revealed.

"This show is very film noir, which is something I’m not familiar with as an actor at all. At least acting in it I haven’t done it professionally, so I wanted to try that out. He’s a weird, creepy character, and that’s also fun."

Are you excited for the show? Will you be watching it every week? Let us know in the comments below.

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