Team 10 has a lot of members and sometimes it's really hard to keep up with all of them. However, Alex Lange is someone you need to know. Not only is he super cute but he's also dating one of our favorites, Bailee Madison. His videos are funny, relatable and there's no doubt that Alex is taking over the Internet. Of course, we all know, he's got his bestie, Jake Paul and Team 10 backing him up. But, what else goes on in Alex's life? A LOT.

We've rounded up a list of questions that needed some definite answers regarding Alex and what he does all day, every day. From his relationship with his family and Team 10 to his charitable work to the number of languages he speaks – there's so much more to Alex than you might think.

Does Alex Lange live in the Team 10 house?

From what it seems, he does! Well, for now. Team 10 is currently looking for somewhere else to move because of all the new restrictions put in place in terms of filming on the property. But, we reason to believe that once the crew packs up their stuff and moves somewhere else, Alex will be in tow. Just like all of the other Team 10 members, Alex posts videos on the regular to his YouTube channel where he has almost 400,000 subscribers and counting! Alex usually posts every week or so and occasionally makes cameos in other Team 10 members' videos.

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Who is Alex Lange dating?

Alex is dating Bailee Madison! She stars in the show, The Good Witch, and has also played role's in, A Cowgirl's Story, Just Go With It and Bridge to Terabithia. These two started dating in 2016 and have spent as much time as they can together since then. They are seriously adorable. Alex has a few videos featuring Bailee and you can almost always catch them canoodling on Instagram.

The PDA is real and we are living for it. Oh yeah, and sometimes they match which is an added bonus. Alex posted this photo of the pair and captioned it, "we both accidentally matched so thought we might as well take photos right."

Where was Alex Lange born?

Alex was born on March 3, 2001, in Paris, France. He then moved to England when he was 2 years old. Later on in life, Alex flew across the world and decided Los Angeles, California was the right place to kick off his modeling and YouTube career. Clearly, that was the right choice because he is thriving!

Does Alex Lange have siblings?

Yes! Alex has an older brother named, Matthieu Lange who is an Instagram model. He also has a younger sister. There are a few times we noticed while scouring Alex's social media accounts that he talks about his niece back in London. It's obvious that he is super close with his family which is adorable.

What nationality is Alex Lange?

Alex is half French and half South African – freaking cool! He can also speak English and French fluently and is reportedly learning Spanish. Everyone knows tri-lingual guys are the hottest.

Alex Lange is very charitable and gives back to his community.

Team 10 has been making a lot of headlines in the past few days for their efforts to help the people who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. They filled up two large U-Haul trucks with supplies in a San Antonio Wal Mart parking lot. Literally, thousands of people showed up. But, Alex does some charitable work on his own time as well. He spent Valentine's Day with Bailee at the Valley Presbyterian Hospital while partnering with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This is seriously everything.

How many followers does Alex Lange have?

Well, simply put, a lot. Alex has 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 281,000 followers on Twitter. Let's help him get some more, shall we? His Instagram handle is, alexlange and his Twitter handle is alexmlange. He also has a YouTube channel with more than 375,000 subscribers.

Is Alex Lange joining the cast of Code Black?

Yes he is! Alex just announced that he will play a role on the CBS medical drama, Code Black.
He posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "The news is out! Thank you @mgh8 for welcoming me on the show! So grateful to join the @codeblackcbs family ❤️."

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