Alex Lange and Bailee Madison are super cute together and, while were not exactly sure when they started dating, they seem hot and heavy right now! Not only have they been posting lots of pictures together on Instagram, but Alex wrote a caption about Bailee on Twitter that is really turning heads.

He called her a part of his family. Wait…what?! Of course, this is super cute, but no one really knows what it means. We highly doubt these two secretly got married, but thinking of a significant other as part of your family means that something serious is definitely going on between them!

Alex posted this photo with the caption, "crazy to see how much it sucks to leave you for a little bit, thank you for becoming family. nothing could have made me happier, cya soon ❤️."

Aww! We still have questions about this caption though…

One theory is that Bailee's family welcomed Alex like he has always been apart of their inner circle, which would be super amazing. And it would make sense as to why he would write this! But, regardless we're excited to see where their relationship goes – clearly it seems like they are in this for the long run.

Only time will tell if they make this family thing official and walk down the aisle some day!

What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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