I get it. Kris Allen is cute. He has fluffy brown hair, spiked oh-so-perfectly. He has puppy brown eyes and strong forearms that flex when he plucks his acoustic guitar strings or when he's manning the piano. He's also humble, genuine, and overall very sweet. I GET IT — he's Adorable (with a capital A even!)

I also understand that he is talented! I appreciate American Idol's new(ish) take on what a good musician is: someone that actually PLAYS instruments and possibly even knows how to write music. With singer/songwriters like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga at the top of the charts, it's about time that Idol started celebrating this "trend" — and Kris is the perfect poster boy for the campaign.

But even with his charm, his sweet melodic voice, and his musical abilities, I don't think he is a star. An "artist," (as Kara has been saying over and over), sure! But if you want to see a superstar — American Idol win or not — it's Adam Lambert.

While Kris makes me nostalgic for ex-boyfriends that have serenaded me with Jack Johnson in the past, or local open mic nights, or the dreamy Jason Mraz, Adam leaves me speechless. There's nothing already on my iPod that will satisfy my fix for more Adam! And when someone on the show has made a comparison, they're pinning Adam next to rock LEGENDS. As Paula pronounced, Adam is "iconic."

After watching Kris take the crown as Adam gracefully accepted second place, I think it's odd that we have been dubbing him the "underdog." Really? Maybe he wasn't everyone's first pick (although I know he had a lot of fans in this office), but is it really a big shock that a nice Arkansas boy who plays great covers won American Idol? Where was the adversity that he had to overcome? That people (and the judges) preferred Danny Gokey over him originally? Yawn! Adam had to work past a hateful campaign attacking his personal life circling the Internet and certain media outlets — talk about tough!

Our votes are at least some part emotional. While there were some that loved or hated the contestants' singing abilities, there were people that hated Adam for something deeper than his American Idol performances. I voted for Adam all along because I thought he was the most talented. But if he had garnered the most votes in the end, my heart would have been warmed in a way it wasn't while I watched our supposed "underdog" Kris take home the grand prize. With Adam, it would have been a different victory, with winnings more valuable than a record contract.

Where are my Adam fans? Were you guys sad he didn't win yesterday? And who do you think will have a better career after Idol?

Come on Team Adam! Let's hear what you have to say 🙂
J-14 Editor

Photo: Courtesy of Fox

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