Today marks a special day for the guys of Why Don’t We and their fans — it’s the band’s official two year anniversary. It was on Sept. 27, 2016, when Zach Herron, 17, Jack Avery, 19, Corbyn Besson, 19, Daniel Seavey, 19, and Jonah Marais, 20 recorded their “Our First Day as a Band” video and since then, they’ve been working hard on creating music together that their fans seriously go crazy over. 

So how exactly did the band get together? Well, it all happened pretty organically, with the guys having already been friends and deciding they would be better off creating music together instead of as solo artists. 

“We were all solo artists and we eventually met each other through touring as solo artists and we became really good friends. One day, we just decided to go to LA together, hang out, and just jam out together and when that happened, the magic was made. And we were like, why don’t we make a band?” Jack said during an interview.

“We weren’t thrown together like a lot of bands were. We were just friends that wanted to make a band so why would you make a band to just not be a band?” Daniel chimed in.

And for them, it’s all about the power of their brotherhood that keeps the band going strong.

“Being in a band is way more fun than being solo though. We were all solo before this and it’s not the same,” Corbyn said. “Now, you get off stage and you got four other guys who just did the exact same thing you did, so you can chat about it, you can experience that same moment together which is really powerful because not everyone gets to do what we do.”

HOW PRECIOUS. Naturally, fans have taken to Twitter to share how proud they are of the guys and how far they’ve come.

Keep making your fans proud boys!

In honor of Why Don’t We’s bandiversary, check out the gallery below to relive the cutest moments from their first-ever video together.

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