The Why Don’t We boys are back and ready for new music.

In October 2021, Zach Herron, Daniel SeaveyJack Avery, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais released their single “Love Back” and its accompanying music video. In the visual, the musicians surprised fans with tickets to a surprise live show — their first in more than two years.

“There was a point where it genuinely felt like we might not perform again in COVID. That was the toughest reality to face,” Daniel told Entertainment Tonight in November 2021. “And so doing a show again, I don’t even like know how to describe it. It’s like our identity comes out most onstage.”

Zach chimed in, adding, “The bond between an artist or a group of artists and their fans, it’s sacred and it’s special. … They’re our lifeline and they’ve literally done everything for us. We would not have this life without each and every one of those people. I’m just eternally grateful. I just want to get more music out for them. That’s all they’ve been begging for lately.”

The boys formed Why Don’t We in September 2016 and have since released six EPs and two full-length albums. This new era of music comes after the group accused their management team of “mental, emotional and financial abuse” in a social media statement shared in September 2021. One of the group’s comanagers, David Loeffler — who Billboard reported is in a legal battle with Why Don’t We’s other manager, Randy Phillips — called the claims “untrue” and “hurtful,” per a statement made to E! News at the time.

Following their bombshell social media post, the boys announced new music, writing, “WDW IS BACK AND HERE TO STAY. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH,” on Instagram.

“It’s been a crazy year. It’s been good to finally get the greenlight and put music out again. The fight definitely isn’t over … with everything that’s happening, but we’re definitely making strides in a positive direction,” Jonah told ET about the ongoing management issues. “We just love seeing the fans’ support. Everyone coming around and supporting us has been the best feeling in the world.”

Going forward, they have a lot on the horizon, with Jonah promising that more songs will be released “before next year.” Scroll through our gallery for everything we know about Why Don’t We’s new musical era so far. 

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