Ever since they were first formed in 2016, Why Don’t We has stolen the hearts of millions of fans around the world. With their catchy songs, angelic voices, swoon-worthy looks and amazing personalities, it’s hard not to fall completely in love with Zach Herron, Daniel SeaveyJack Avery, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais.

The group first rose to fame after appearing in Logan Paul‘s YouTube videos. Since then, WDW has amassed a pretty impressive social media following with over 4.9 million followers on the band’s Instagram account, and they even released their debut album, 8 Letters, in August 2018. After brief social media break to kick off 2020, the band is back and better than ever with their latest album The Good Times and the Bad Ones, which hit streaming services in January 2021.

“These last few years have been an absolute whirlwind for us. From moving out to L.A. as a band and touring the world, to falling in and out of love and now being locked inside for months … Life has been amazing, and equally tough,” the band wrote on Instagram alongside the album cover in November 2020. “But you have to do your best to make something beautiful out of it all, so that’s what we did. We put everything into this album. We hope it helps you enjoy the good times and push through the bad ones.”

When chatting about the new record during a December 2020 interview with Indulge Express, Daniel said, “The Good Times and The Bad Ones is about real life. In a weird way, I think most people would agree, the pandemic has made life more real than it’s ever felt. It gave everyone a chance to slow down and think about what matters. We took those thoughts and made an album out of them.”

Following the record’s release, the boys caught up with American Songwriter and Corbyn explained, “This album is the first time that we’ve ever really told the story ourselves.”

“I think when you’re in a boy band and you’re coming up, there’s a certain formula and a certain way that the industry makes you feel like you should act or behave,” he added. “This period of time for us in our careers is very much like, ‘Here’s who we are. Take it as it is and we hope you’re having a good time with us.’ Because we’re having a good time.”

To celebrate Why Don’t We’s return to music, J-14 decided to round up everything you need to know about the iconic band, so if you haven’t already, prepare to fall madly in love with them. From the members to their rise to fame to everything they’ve accomplished, scroll through our gallery for a full breakdown on Why Don’t We.

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