Why Don’t We fans know the guys are true gems and their songs are filled with some oh so swoon-worthy lyrics. Just take their single “8 Letters” as an example. The song is all about not being able to say those three words, made up of eight letters, “I love you,” to the person who means the most to you. It’s seriously one of those jams that just gets you right in the heart and it’s special to the band too.

“We’ve never really gotten this deep in a song before and I think out of any of our songs, this can probably apply to the most amount of people, whether you’re 15 years old, or you’re 30 years old,” Jonah Marais, 20, said in an interview the boys did with Young Hollywood. And according to Daniel Seavey, “8 Letters” is basically about having feelings for someone, possibly a friend, and not being about to express this to that special someone because you’re worried about the outcome.

“You just gotta just say it because then you’re going to come out with a sad song like we did and you’re going to regret it a lot, so I say you just do it, just go for it,” Daniel, 19, said. Solid advice right there! But then came the real question: which one of them is most likely to say those words first? Well, all of the guys easily said it’s Jack Avery!

Jack Avery Smile

“Jack just falls in love really easily,” Zach Herron, 17, said, to which Jack replied, “yeah so does Zach.” Well, it looks like they’re both guilty of falling head over heels very easily! But the band was in agreement that it’s Jack who seems to fall in love at the drop of a hat. So for all those out there who chose Jack at their fave member of the group, you’re in luck right now. Hey, you never know, sparks could fly if you ever meet the 19-year-old singer and he could be saying “I love you” in no time.


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