It seems as though legit everyone and their dog are so beyond obsessed with BTS to the point where they are totally taking over the world. If their big win at the Billboard Music Awards wasn’t enough proof, all the famous stars who are fans of the group definitely confirms just how stan-worthy the boys are. Honestly, though who isn’t a part of the BTS army?

The K-Pop boy band (who are also referred to as the Bangtan Boys) consists of seven members –
Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V and JungKook. The super talented artists are stealing hearts left and right with their super cool image and insanely catchy jams, and a ton of your absolute fave celebs are totally on board with the fandom. Not only did Ansel Elgort let the group listen to his new music months before anyone else, but tons of artists are lining up out the door to collab with the boys. They’re truly a hot commodity in Hollywood. From Charlie Puth to Camila Cabello (and many more), it’s clear that BTS has a ton of famous celebs who are truly supporting them.

Click through the gallery to discover all your fave celebs who are total BTS fans.

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