If there's one thing BTS loves as much as their music, it's their fans! BTS Army has been so dedicated to the band that there's only one true way to celebrate Jin's birthday: the ultimate fan art roundup. Not only does the Army have great taste in boy bands, but they've got some serious art skills. J-14 has partnered up with the app Amino to showcase it all. Major BTS fans will probably know the name. Amino is a place where fans can to start conversations and share their edits, fan fiction, and, of course, their fan art!

BTS' latest album Love Yourself 'Her' is all about remembering who you are and sharing that love with the world. Today, the BTS Army is giving some of that love right back to Jin! Their awesome art shines every single day, but December 4th makes it special. What better way to celebrate the Visual King that with some art? Jin's birthday is also known as "Worldwide Handsome Day." From all these beautiful photos, it's clear why. Fall in love with Jin (Kim Seok-jin) all over again while checking out this fan art.

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