If you aren’t already a member of the BTS army, then it’s time to join the party because the K-pop group is legit taking over the world. And as they’re super busy making their debuts on various TV shows in the U.S. during their current stop in New York City, there’s one clear takeaway: Jimin is a gem and basically stealing hearts out here left and right.

The 22-year-old — whose full name is Park Jimin — like his bandmates, has simply been his adorable self on shows like Good Morning America and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But he’s really just sent fans into a frenzy being his adorable self. See, it started when the guys were each asked to briefly introduce themselves on The Tonight Show and when it was Jimin’s turn, he first gave this first smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

jimin cute

Then, he said, “Jimmy, I’m Jimin,” and it was just TOO CUTE.

jimin the tonight show

Which was naturally followed up by a hug from the host, Jimmy himself. Bonding over the fact that their names are so similiar. Casual.

jimin hugging jimmy fallon

The next morning came the band’s game-changing performance and appearance on GMA, and once again, Jimin wooed one of the hosts, having a little dance session with Michael Strahan.

jimin dancing with michael strahan gma

The football legend was totally having a bonding moment with Jimin. But prepare yourself for the next thing that happened during the guys’ stop at the morning show because it will get you right in the feels. BTS fans truly are passionate and their devotion to the band is unparalleled. One young fan got a chance to meet the guys and Jimin was the epitome of perfection saying hi to her.

That hug is just so pure. 

It’s something this cutie will remember forever and Jimin made that happen, being his sweet self. It’s easy to see why the group is currently the most popular boy band, selling out every stop on their current tour, breaking records while they’re at it, too. The members of BTS are having massive global success, but they’re still always so appreciative for all the love and support they get from their Army. And that’s what makes them so special. Jimin, just keep being a delight for us all, please and thanks.

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