Even though One Direction is currently on an indefinite hiatus, their fans are still super passionate – and that’s something they have in common with the BTS fandom. The Army knows how to support their boys (as do Directioners), so it’s pretty cool when you see two members from each band publicly supporting each other. And leave it to Liam Payne to be the source of this union, thanks to the fact that he confirmed he’s ready to pass the torch to Jimin when it comes to being the king of a classic boy band move.

Allow us to explain. As any 1D fan knows, anytime Liam performed with his band, he was always known for his on-stage mic twirls. These little moves were something fans looked out for – and if you were ever lucky enough to attend a One Direction concert, then you saw it firsthand. It was always just a v cute stage trick our dear Payno had.

liam payne mic flip

The Liam mic flip is legendary, and it’s still something he does as he’s living that solo star life. But as the 25-year-old “Strip That Down” crooner expressed on Twitter, he’s ready to give the crown over to Jimin. See, the 22-year-old singer was spotted whipping out his own twist of the mic flip – and since the BTS boys can seriously dance like no one else, his mic spin was obviously memorable. Fans took note of how effortlessly Jimin did this impressive move on stage and shared the moment on Twitter.

This came to Liam’s attention since fans were joking that a mic-flip competition between the two guys needs to go down. But Payno happily claimed defeat already, saying Jimin is the clear winner here.

Knowing this is Liam’s signature move – and the fact that he’s over here calling out how epic Jimin’s moves are – is just too cute. And typical Liam when you think about it. He was always referred to as the dad of 1D, long before he was an actual father to his son Bear. So it’s no surprise he’s being all supportive and cute to Jimin. It’s nice to see one boy band legend being so kind to another, and we are here for all this One Direction/BTS love.

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