After years of being off the air, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are finally making a comeback! The live action movie hits theaters this weekend and Transformers starlet Megan Fox has a starring role in the film, which is exactly why she wants you to see it! According to the actress, the movie isn't just your stereotypical action movie that dudes everywhere will be flocking to — in fact, she considers it part of a feminist movement.

"[Viewers will] get to follow a female character that is also the hero of the movie," she said of her role as April. "I think that we’re in this whole sort of movement where young girls can understand that not only is it okay to be strong, it’s wonderful to be strong. And that doesn’t mean you’re bossy, it doesn’t mean you’re a b—, you’re not a nag because you want to be in charge."

Megan continued to list off her character's admirable qualities saying that she's "ambitious," "courageous," and "very interested in exposing that she’s been fighting for the truth."

Sounds pretty amazing, huh? We love how strongly Megan is embracing her role in TMNT, especially since she openly hated her character in Transformers.

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