The ultra-popular K-pop group BTS has taken the world by storm over the last several years, and already several members of the group have gone on to work on solo projects. The latest BTS member to release music on his own? None other than V, otherwise known as Taehyung.

That’s right, ladies and gents! Following in the footsteps of some of his fellow bandmates, V dropped his debut solo single on Soundcloud on January 30 and fans are totally freaking out. Why? Because it’s basically the most romantic song they’ve ever heard. Like, ever.

Even if you’re unable to understand Korean, the song still resonates with fans everywhere. Not only is the entire chorus in English, but the emotion throughout the song is a language we’re all able to understand. The slow ballad is set simply to piano, and as the title suggests, the lyrics seem to be about strolling through a park and taking in the scenery. The catch? It also seems to be about regretting a breakup and missing someone special, and let’s be real: Who hasn’t felt the kind of heartbreak at some point?

According to BTS fan account @SPOTLIGHTBTS, the lyrics translate to, “In that momentary time, the figure / Which my heart let go, is weary / I regret it, hoping for that moment again.”

V also seemingly expresses his desire to get back together with his love interest, singing about how he’ll welcome her into his life again if she’ll let him.

“Gathering pieces of the moonlight one by one / I’ll make a light for you / With the same appearance as yesterday / Come in front of me.”

As you can tell, the lyrics to this track are super poetic, and we think anyone who’s ever been in some type of relationship struggle can probably relate to it on some level. Plus, its relaxed and calming nature makes it a very easy listen.

Great job, V! We’ll have “Scenery” on repeat until further notice.

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