If you’re a part of the BTS‘ ARMY, you probably already know this, but we wanted to take a moment to make sure the rest of the world knew just how talented the K-pop band actually is. From their iconic, catchy songs to their fire, show-stopping performances, they seriously have it all.

The Korean band was formed in 2013, and since then they’ve seriously been taking the world by storm. Over the years they’ve sold millions of copies of their albums, completely slayed the charts, released their very own movie (and not to mention that a second one is coming out next week), won a ton of awards, and sold out multiple world tours. Yeah, the list is seriously impressive.

That’s why fans were absolutely shocked when BTS announced that they would be going on an extended hiatus in June 2022, just days after releasing their anthology album, Proof. In a YouTube video posted July 13, the group’s nine-year anniversary, BTS explained why they would be taking a break, with Jimin saying they are going through a “rough patch.'”

“We can’t help but think of our fans no matter what — we want to be the kind of artists that are remembered by our fans,” Jimin explained. “I think now we’re starting to think about what kind of artists we each want to be remembered by our fans. I think that’s why we’re going through a rough patch right now, we’re trying to find our identity and that’s an exhausting and long process. Our fans know us and we know us.”

The group hopes to focus on solo projects and to figure out what kind of group BTS is, as they have lost their connection to the group. “We have to accept that we’ve changed,” RM said. “For me, it was like the group BTS was within my grasp until ‘On’ and ‘Dynamite,’ but after ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance,’ I didn’t know what kind of group we were anymore.”

But, don’t worry, ARMY! We’ve seen the boys go on hiatus before and come back stronger than ever. J-Hope gave ARMY hope that this definitely does not spell the end for the group. “I think that change is what we need right now,” he said. “It’s important for BTS to start our second chapter.”

While we wait for the group’s second chapter, we’ve gone ahead and made a list of some of the records that BTS has broken throughout their career — and boy, are there a lot. Scroll through our gallery to see BTS’ amazing accomplishments.

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