If you’ve recently become totally and completely obsessed with BTS — the K-Pop supergroup that’s truly taking the world by storm — then hello there, welcome. By now then, you know that BTS fans are unlike anything else. They’re passionate, loyal, and beyond supportive of RM, Jimin, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jin with the music they make together and the positive messages they’re always spreading. Their fans are called the BTS Army because they’re that legit, they have such a close bond with the members of the group. But what about the guys of BTS themselves: are they really that close? Well, yes, in case you were wondering!

Speaking to Dan Wootton in a new interview, the singers got real and truly heartfelt when it came to opening up about their friendships.

“We have the members and we get our strength from our members because we’re always together. We support each other and we have this synergy so we can prop each other up,” J-Hope explained, which like way to get us right in the heart with that one. RM chimed in too, letting everyone know that these guys really do spend all their time together and that’s why their bond is so strong.

“We’re friends, business partners, roommates, everything,” he said.

Our hearts, they’re just the sweetest with each other. Of course, being that this is BTS we’re talking about here, you know someone had to bring the jokes. And this time around it was Jin, who when the guys were taking on the Noisey Questionnaire of Life, declared that he’s riding solo and doesn’t have any friends. LOL!

“I don’t have friends,” Jin declared in a very serious tone, which then caused his bandmates to basically revolt in a total uproar.

“I’ve been your friend for seven years and now you do this?” V said. But as Jin then clarified, “We’re a family,” letting everyone know he thinks of them as more than just his friends. Umm, okay, that is a great recovery and knowing they think of each other as brothers is just too much cuteness to handle. It’s no secret the guys not only treat each other as family, but their fans are part of this outlook too. As RM explained to Dan, the meaning behind the name “Army” is something truly special.

“It stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth. So it means we talk each other through our youth, speak together, talk together, console each other,” he said.

Seriously, can they can get sweeter?

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