It’s hard to imagine life with the guys of BTS, well you know, not making music together as a group. Their fans, the beloved Army, are nothing but loyal and hey, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, V, Jin, and J-Hope know how to make some fire songs together, so it’s safe to say this group means a lot to so many people, including the guys in the band. So imagine if they didn’t come together to form BTS — what would they be doing instead?

This is exactly what NME asked the guys during a sit-down chat where they had to answer some rapid-fire questions. And when the guys were asked what jobs they would have if they weren’t in BTS, they got some pretty interesting answers.

“I think farmer,” Jin says, with J-Hope quickly chiming in after that he would be a tennis player. Suga decides to keep things in the music world and says, “maybe a songwriter” with Jimin saying he would be a police officer. But leave it to Jungkook to bring the true laughs as he legit says, “Unemployed for me.” BRB, dying forever over that one! But V is all about becoming an athlete or artist, so we can get behind those career choices.

But in typical BTS fashion, they all had even more fun when they were asked to each describe themselves in three words. Our beloved leader RM kept it simple going with “work, hobby, and balance” to describe himself. Then Jimin came in casually saying, “sexy, cute, lovely,” and his bandmates’ reactions were everything.

Jimin Smile

THAT FACE THO. Jin, of course, hit us with “worldwide handsome,” keeping that title alive and the oh so adorable J-Hope went with “hope, peace, and just dance” followed by the most precious wink of all time.

J-Hope Wink

Never change fellas, never change.

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