October 2021 brought tons of new music releases from your favorite stars!

Alex Freeman, for one, released her new single “Oh Baby” and spilled all the tea to J-14 exclusively. The songstress explained that the track is “about that timeless feeling of falling in love and crushing on someone.”

Especially, all the emotions that you feel — excitement, nervousness, exhilaration, anxiety — all wrapped into one minute. It’s a real vibe,” Alex added. “The video is a greek mythology-inspired theme. We are taking on the next chapter of Medusa and her revenge on Athena and Posiedion’s descendants.  t’s really more of a short film. It was super fun to shoot, from the makeup to the costuming to our different take on Medusa living today!”

Nickelodeon star and budding musician Neska Rose also dropped her latest single, “Stupid Ideas,” this month.

“You know where you’re all alone and just peel every single thought you have in your head, squeeze all the juices in your brain and just start to feel like, ‘What if I just dropped everything? What if I didn’t care for anything anymore?’ — Just all these stupid ‘what ifs’ that make you forget your worth,” she told J-14 exclusively. “So, I wrote a song about how stupid those thoughts can be.”

When it came to making the music video, Neska shared that the “entire time was pretty funny,” explaining that no one was “aware of the number of plants that were going to be there.” But, eventually, everyone “got the hang of it.” Getting the chance to make her own music is Neska’s dream come true. The talented teen noted that releasing her solo songs is as “natural” as “putting on clothes in the morning.”

“It’s something that I’m supposed to be doing. I admire any way of expression through words or actions. Any human does it in one way or another. I just love to do it through music,” she shared.

Aside from working on her own music, Neska would also “love” to write a song for her character, Gertie, on Nickelodeon’s Drama Club.

“Songwriting is another form of writing a script, which means you could put yourself in other people’s shoes and endure the life of a character,” she told J-14. “I feel like Gertie wouldn’t care to live up to anybody’s expectations and just play around in the world of music. So, Gertie’s sound would 100 percent be very peculiar. If I could give her a genre, it would be experimental.”

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