It’s official, Why Don’t We is back! After staying silent on social media since January 25, the band uploaded a brand new video to Instagram on Tuesday, September 15.

“We’re back,” the group — comprised of Zach HerronDaniel SeaveyJack Avery, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais — wrote alongside a video of them walking out of a music studio. From the look of it, new tunes might be in the works!

While the boys have kept their personal Instagram accounts active over the past eight months, they rarely posted photos with other members of the band. Now, they’ve all uploaded the same video announcing their return alongside heartfelt messages to fans.

“Long time no see … Hi,” Daniel, 21, wrote. Corbyn, also 21, added, “It’s about time, huh?”

Zach, 19, said, “Missed you guys.”

The Why Don’t We boys took “the beginning of 2020 off to write and produce our next studio album,” according to a prior Instagram post.

“We’re so excited and we’ll see you soon,” they wrote at the time.

Although they’ve yet to formally announce that any new music is coming soon, fans were over the moon with their return. Shortly after Why Don’t We posted on Instagram, the hashtag #WelcomeBackWDW trended on Twitter with millions of posts from the boys’ followers. 

“Looking through the #welcomebackwdw [hashtag] and y’all are the sweetest. Thank you so much for the love. I’m so excited,” Jonah, 22, wrote on Twitter. “I’m not even gonna lie, I missed y’all so damn much … Tweet me about something new or exciting in your life! I’m bored and I wanna read what you’ve been up to.”

The band’s Twitter account also reacted to the worldwide trending topic and wrote, “We missed you so much.”

Why Don’t We first stepped onto the music scene in 2016 and released their first album, 8 Letters, two years later in August 2018. Throughout the entirety of 2019, the band dropped one new song per month — for a total of 12 singles. Now, they’re back and better than ever!

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