If you’ve already or accidentally listened to a Christmas song, it’s too late! You’re in full-on holiday season mode whether you're jolly or not. And with the holiday season comes Christmas shopping. Lots and lots of shopping for lots and lots of people. But don't let any seasonal stress get you down. We’re giving away three prizes that are perfect for any tech lover or movie maniac in your life. Read on to find out more and enter for a chance to win all three prizes:

Win an iHome Color-Changing Bluetooth Speaker HERE


Before you head out to any holiday party, you might want to bring this color-changing speaker along. It effortlessly streams your holiday playlist wirelessly and provides 360° of sound with four speakers so everyone in the room can hear your great taste in music. But don’t forget to press the Party Mode button so that the five color-changing modes can pulse along to the beat for an instant light show/dance party that even the boys from BTS couldn’t resist.

Win an All-Digital Singing Machine VIBE Hi-Def Karaoke System HERE


The holiday dance party continues with this at-home digital karaoke machine! The system comes equipped with two wired microphones and 10 free Hi-Def karaoke music video downloads that you can sing along with. Have a Selena Gomez song you can’t wait to belt out? Pair your Bluetooth-enabled device to the VIBE and stream all the songs you and your bestie were meant to perform live.

Win a collectible Justice League-themed $50 Fandango Gift Card HERE


There are a ton of new movies coming out before the end of the year, so use your holiday break wisely and see them all with this $50 Fandango Gift Card. And remember, you can never go wrong with ordering the biggest bucket of popcorn. Small is never an option.

Check out the entire Holiday Gift Guide filled with 12 Holly Jolly Giveaways! Enter for a chance to win one, two, ALL of the giveaways and use your winnings as gifts this year for your mom, dad, bro, or bestie without having to dip into your piggy bank. And the best part? If you win, you’ll receive your prize(s) right before Christmas. Enter now and often until December 7, 2017.

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