Zac Efron's breakout role was Troy Bolton in High School Musical, so the fact that he's skipping out on the cast's 10-year reunion is a pretty big freaking deal. He's the main character. Like, how could he not? It feels like a major betrayal. The actor finally broke his silence about skipping out on the reunion, and a lot of fans aren't happy!

Although he says that he wishes he could have "joined the fun in person," fans aren't buying it.

Some Wildcats are just being blunt.

Others are turning to HSM lyrics.

And, still, some people just dubbed him a "reunion ruiner."

Since the actor was previously under fire for a controversial Martin Luther King Jr. Day tweet, he's not having a great relationship with some members of his fandom right now!

Are you upset Zac wasn't at the reunion? What do you think about his message? Let us know in the comments!

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