YouTuber Zoella's finally spoken out about that Advent calendar criticism, which saw fans and fellow vloggers alike kicking off over its £50 price tag (about $66) and…shall we say "lackluster" gifts? Stocked in Boots stores, Zoe Sugg's 12-day advent calendar (um, doesn't Advent actually begin at the start of December and end on Christmas Eve?) faced a major backlash partly in thanks to YouTuber-type JaackMaate who ripped it to shreds in his "honest, brutal review" video. So what's she got to say for herself, eh?

Addressing the drama in her "Christmas Adverts & How We Met" vlog, Zoe refused to accept blame for the price tag, explaining: "Where my input ends, is there, once that product is done and I’m happy with it, the retailer can decide how much they sell that for, that’s completely out of my decision making, I don’t have the right to make those decisions."

She continued, "So it makes me so sad that a product I loved and worked hard on and loads of you like the product, it’s just having that product at a price that was out of my decision, has left so many people so upset and I feel just as let down by this also, and the price of any product is up to a retailer."

So basically she was totally fine with the cookie cutters and confetti included in the calendar but wasn't involved in the pricing strategy. Fair enough, love.

Following the criticism, a spokesperson for Zoella Lifestyle released a statement claiming: "Zoe is incredibly proud of the Christmas collection and excited to see it in store. However, the pricing and in-store promotional strategy of the collection, including the calendar, is at the control of third parties and is not set by Zoe." The calendar has since been reduced to £25 by Boots, which we guess is alright.

This post was written by Carl Smith. It originally appeared on our sister site, heatworld.

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