For a second, some fans thought Zoella was pregnant. A lot of crazy rumors often surround social media stars and they are often not true but she wrote a message on Twitter a few days ago that had her fans thinking that the YouTube star was expecting a baby and planning a water birth when it was time for her to deliver the child.

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Just a few days ago she sent out a tweet about a conversation she had with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes, saying they have been talking about what goes into the process of water births, which is when a mother gives birth to her child in a body of water.

"Me & Alfie talking about water birth: Me: Do you know why they need a sieve?
Alfie: To catch the baby?," she wrote along with a GIF of Bart Simpson saying "At least you tried."

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Fans replied to the tweet, asking why exactly they were having this sort of conversation and assumed it was because Zoe was pregnant.

One fan wrote: "My question is why are you guys talking about birth unless SOMEONE is pregnant."

Another fan explained that this type of conversation is normal for Zoe since she does it often.

While the YouTuber did not confirm or deny the rumors, she usually is super open with her fans so if it were true, she would probably have said so. Or she might also be waiting to make a huge announcement? Stay tuned to see if a baby makes an appearance in about nine months.

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