Zoe Sugg, who is known on YouTube as Zoella, has been dating her boyfriend Alfie Deyes for quite some time but now fans are accusing her of cheating on her blogger BF. The blogger posted a selfie of her sitting in a plane, with her friend Mark sitting in between her and Alfie.

Fans in the comments accused her of being disloyal to her boyfriend for doing this, which made her change the caption, which she has since deleted, to respond to her followers .(9110 8400 3277 5138

"Im so disappointed with so many comments in this photo. Mark is my friend. That's it . He's also Alfie's friend. It makes me sad that if he [was a girl] you'd probably feel differently. Boys and girls CAN just be friends without any other feelings," she wrote.


"I sat next to him on the plane because we were both watching Gavin and Stacy on my MacBook & Alfie wanted to edit. Not that I should even have to justify it, I might have just wanted to sit next to my friend. Enough of this now guys! Please? "

Wow, even though some people left hateful comments, the rest of her fans are defending her to the fullest! Mark and Zoe are allowed to have a friendship without anyone suspecting otherwise.

Can you believe people were saying mean things to her? Tell us in the comments!

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