Find Out the Truth Behind Ed Sheeran's 'X' Cover Art

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Ed sheeran album x cover art

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The cover of Ed Sheeran's latest album X is simple, but distinctive — a large black X over plain green. But did you know that we were never supposed to see that cover? Ed originally wanted something entirely different!

Ed had commissioned more elaborate artwork to be on the cover, but he grew to like the album's temporary artwork.

The singer told Ryan Seacrest, “The holding cover for iTunes that the label had was the green with the black X, and it was only meant to go up until the real artwork was finished, and I just really liked it. It was just simple, effective, stood out. People know what it is.”

Since we don't know what Ed originally planned for his second album cover, we're thinking he made the right choice. X's album art totally sticks out! But to be honest, it probably wouldn't have made a difference if his album cover were a little lackluster. His music totally breaks our hearts again and again, no matter what the album art.

Do you like Ed's X cover art? Do you think he made a good decision? Sound off in the comments!

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