J-14 Editor Picks: Best Super Bowl 2013 Moments


The J-14 Magazine editors can get sporty too -- especially when it comes to the Super Bowl extravaganza every year. Here are our favorite moments from the San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl game yesterday that the Ravens won 34-31...

"Even though I was rooting for the 49ers, my jaw dropped when the Ravens' Jacoby Jones ran for a record-tying 108-yard touchdown in the beginning of the third quarter. I love watching history being made!" --Assistant Editor Laura Knipping

"The 35-minute blackout made this a Super Bowl to remember. The best part was being on social media during that time and seeing all the crazy Tweets. One of my favorites was Ryan Seacrest's 'Anyone have a charger?' Oh... and the Tide commercial with Joe Montana's stain might be the first time a commercial made me laugh out loud." --Editor-in-Chief Rachel Chang

"I loved the Taco Bell commercial with the senior citizens living like they were young again to a Spanish version of 'We Are Young.' So cute!" --Photo Editor Nicole Mazza

"I actually started screaming in my living room when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams popped out on stage to join Beyoncé! The Destiny's Child reunion was definitely my favorite part, although I loved Beyoncé's entire performance!" --Intern Sora Hwang

"Even though I'm not a fan of the Ravens, the 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Jacoby Jones was pretty exciting. Beyoncé's angry face during the halftime show was a close second." --Designer Tanya Swartz

"I loved the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial -- such a tearjerker! And now I really want a horse." --Deputy Editor Ashley Spencer

"My favorite Super Bowl moment was of course when Beyoncé and Destiny's Child performed! I've been a fan since I was really young and so happy they're back -- it was such a great surprise. I also loved when the power went out that was hilarious and definitely made the night memorable. Football-wise, when Jacoby Jones from the Ravens scored a touchdown and did his little dance, it was so funny!" --Intern Lindsey Smith

"I love the Oreo whisper fight in the library commercial. Who knew Oreos could create such a quiet riot!" --Photo Editor Danielle Kepler

What was your favorite moment from Super Bowl XLVII?

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