Justin Bieber and Kristinia Debarge Sing for You!


Hello my wonderful J-14ers! It's your Adam-loving-and-repping editor Lisa here to share something really cool with you. You've read on our site about how the super sweet Kristinia DeBarge (who sings "Goodbye") is J-14's virtual intern this summer, and she recently stopped by to interview her labelmate Justin Bieber (action shot above). You can watch the first part of her chat with him here.

So here's the backstage scoop: while we were all hanging out, the two were humming and casually breaking into song so I suggested they do a duet for you guys. Now, I had never heard Justin before (I know, I know - crazy! A lot of you have been fans of his since before he was signed!) and I think my jaw dropped when I heard them harmonize together! Watch this video of them singing an acoustic (and AMAZING) version of Rihanna at the J-14 office:

Can you believe that that was the first time they had ever met?! I was really impressed. Most people sound good on the radio, but it takes serious talent to belt like that out of the blue!

This also brings up my sincere LOVE for great covers of songs! I want to know, my fellow music fans: what are your favorite covers (acoustic or not) of songs? Let me know below, and I - and my iPod - will thank you :)

xoxo Lisa

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