Photoshop Your Face Into Cody Simpson's New Music Video


Admit it: You've imagined what it would be like to have Cody Simpson serenade you on more than on occasion. Well, you don't have to wonder anymore! We've taken moments straight from the Aussie hottie's new "Pretty Eyes" music video, and given you a space to insert your own face.

Have fun!


You may put a calm and collected pic of yourself here, but we all know you'd be fangirling like crazy if Cody touched your shoulders ;)


There's nothing like hanging out with your BFF and a cute Australian singer!


Lounging poolside with Cody would be the best thing ever.


There's Cody, staring into your pretty brown eyes.


It looks like Cody doesn't want to be bothered, he'd rather just hang out with you.

"Pretty Eyes" is available on iTunes today. We suggest downloading it if you'd like a soundtrack for your fabulous pics with Cody!

Photo Credit: Twitter

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