Cody Simpson is in his swimming era! The Australian star was one of the most famous singers back in the 2010s, and has since stepped away from his music to focus on his athletic career. Keep reading for updates on what he’s been up to.

What Has Cody Simpson Been Up to?

In 2019, Cody turned his focus from music back onto competitive swimming and joined the University of Southern California’s Trojan Swim Elite team. In 2022, he joined the Australian Swim Team after qualifying for the Commonwealth Games during Australia’s team trial. Along with swimming, he’s also become a co-founder of Dr. Hydrate, an all-in-one hydration drink.

“I want to expand the ideas around what somebody can do in their lifetime,” Cody told in July 2022 of his career. “I think it’s very easy to box yourself in and label yourself. And that’s the easiest thing for our minds to do to ourselves and to other people is to box them in. But I don’t ever want to do that to myself and I never wanted that to other people. So I like to be unidentifiable at times I suppose.”

He added, “I’ve had the musician or the pop star title for a while now and a lot of people in the media still put that before my name. I’m going, ‘Man, how fast do I have to go before you can drop that?'”

As for his dating life, he’s currently in a relationship with fellow Australian swimmer and Olympic gold medalist, Emma McKeon.

‘Will Cody Simpson Return to Music?

“I’ll be ready to go back to it when I’m done swimming,” Cody told Australia’s Channel 7 in February 2022. “I knew that I’d be just putting it on the side for a while, while I came back to the sport. I remember just pretty much working 365 days a year from the age of 14, but just loving every minute of it and will continue to long after I finish swimming. I’ll definitely be getting back on tour once this is all done.”

Fast forward to January 2024, Cody dropped his first single in years titled “On My Mind (Forever Version),” a new version to his 2011 track of the same name.

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