Taylor Swift made the funniest face last night when Selena Gomez stopped to kiss Justin Bieber at the Billboard Music Awards. Seriously. It looked like she was going to gag.

The "22" singer always puts so much emotion into everything she does, including her facial expressions! In celebration of Taylor's rare gift of showing EXACTLY how she really feels, here are 10 of our favorite faces of all time.


1. Confused

If Taylor doesn't understand something you'll probably be able to tell.


2. Happy

We think Taylor's the type of girl that would laugh at your jokes just to make you feel better.


3. Incredulous

Taylor isn't one to hold back her emotions.


4. Scared

Take a deep breath, Tay.


5. Excited

Imagine what Christmas morning with Taylor is like…


6. In disbelief

Though this may also be Taylor's "I'm thinking too hard" face.


7. Annoyed

Ah, the classic eye roll. We know it well.


8. Angry

Everyone has their moments, Taylor's just happen to be televised.


9. Heartbroken

We imagine this is how Taylor looks right before she writes an amazing breakup anthem.


10. Discouraged

Looks like it was just one of those days…

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