With summer approaching and the weather warming up, we can't stop thinking about the carefree days that are ahead of us. Since going to the beach is a summer must, and Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off of the season, we've rounded up pics of the hottest celebs enjoying their vacations. The fact that they're shirtless is just a bonus 😉

1. Austin Mahone

Is it weird that we're jealous of Austin's necklace? We wish we were that close to the singer's body!


2. Kendall Schmidt

BTR should probably be shirtless all the time. Let's start a petition!


3. Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is one lucky girl.


4. Austin Butler

The Carrie Diaries needs more beach scenes.


5. Justin Bieber

Back when Justin had no tattoos. We kind of miss those days…


6. Ross Lynch

No! Don't put that shirt back on!


7. Max George

We want a shirtless group photo of The Wanted. Agree?


8. Jaden Smith

We can see why Selena likes hanging out with him so much!


9. Cody Simpson

If this was an abs competition, Cody would totally win!


10. Taylor Lautner

If he's not going to go shirt-free a wet white t-shirt is the next best thing.

Photos courtesy of Splash and Instagram

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