From relationship drama to the most jaw-dropping confessions ever, this week was full of craziness in our favorite celebs' lives. Out of all of the things that happened, these were the stories you loved most!

1. 10 Stars' Most Shocking Confessions
If there's one word to describe Shailene Woodley's recent interview, it's shocking. Not only did she reveal that she studies "survival skills" and knows how to hunt, fish, and build a fire, but she also said her biggest fear is "being in a submarine submerged thousands of feet underwater" — and those aren't even the most surprising parts!

most shocking confessions

2. 'Hannah Montana' Stars: Where Are They Now?
Can you believe it's been three years since Hannah Montana went off the air? Time sure does fly! We seriously miss seeing Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment together with Jason Earles and Billy Ray Cyrus.

3. 14 Photos That Will Have You Screaming For a 'High School Musical' Reunion
Zac Efron pretty much made our entire year when he said that he and the rest of his former Disney castmates have been thinking about doing a High School Musical reunion. The only thing that would make these words even better would be if they came true.

high school musical

4. 10 Stars Who Posted Shockingly Gross Photos Online
Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram or Twitter and come across a really gross photo that stops you dead in your tracks? Like when a celebrity such as Justin Bieber or Demi Lovato gets hurt and takes a super gory photo of their injury? Totally gross, right?

selena crying

5. Why Does Selena Gomez Look So Heartbroken?
With all of the drama surrounding her current relationship with ex Justin Bieber — not to mention the scandalous new rumor that Taylor Swift cut her off — it's no wonder that Selena Gomez appears to be feeling stressed out lately. But when we spotted pics from the set of the star's latest commercial for Adidas' NEO label, we were shocked to see just how sad she looked.

6. 20 Celebs Who Would Be Perfect Girlfriends for One Direction
Even though three of the five One Direction bandmates are in pretty serious relationships, we still wonder what it would be like if all of our favorite guys were dating some of the female celebs we totally adore. And after seeing these manips of them together, we can't help but wish some of these would actually happen!

one direction

7. A Timeline of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez's Broken Friendship
Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been friends for nearly six years, but there's one thing that's been getting in the way of making it last forever — Sel's on-again, off-again ex, Justin Bieber.

justin bieber kiss

8. 10 Celebs' Weirdest TV Appearances Ever
Our favorite celebrities have done thousands of interviews, and although most are pretty standard, sometimes things just get weird. Whether they're kissing manikins like Justin Bieber or singing about alphabet letters like the One Direction guys, these television appearances got really interesting really fast!

9. 10 Things Directioners Would Text Niall Horan If They Had His Number
Niall Horan's cell phone number was leaked and the One Direction member was bombarded with texts. So many messages came through that Niall actually had to change his number. Of course, we're sure the 1D guy responded to as many texts as he could — he loves his Directioners!

niall horan phone number

10. See What Your Fave Stars Could Buy With Their Millions!
We just found out how much money our fave stars made last year and our jaws totally dropped open. To us, buying something as simple as a juicy burger or a new tube of lipstick is kind of a big deal, but you won't believe how many things stars like Selena Gomez, the One Direction guys and Demi Lovato can get with the millions they have saved away in the bank!

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