What happens on Super Bowl Sunday? Nothing but eating dips, dips, dips and more dips. Oh yeah, and watching a little bit of football too!

But, some of the greatest moments that happen on during the Super Bowl have to do with some of your favorite celebrities, obviously! Whether they star in commercials, perform during the halftime show or just cheer on their favorite team from the crowd, they are making some kind of headline.

This year is no different. There is a bunch of celebs that will grace your television screen and you won't want to miss it. From Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga, it's going to be LIT.

In light of the Super Bowl, Bieber is BACK on Instagram. Yes, he actually posted for the first time in months. What was it? None other than his Super Bowl commercial. Glad to see you back, JB – and it's just in time for game time!

Click through the gallery and check out which celebrities you will probably, most definitely see if you tune into the game!

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