One thing is for sure, 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette has a lot going on. While he might be super busy promoting his Netflix series, he has also found time to release a debut single with his band called, Wallows.

Many of his fans didn’t even realize he was in a band so this is a huge surprise. He teamed up with his friends Braeden Lemasters, Cole Presston, and Zack Mendenhall. However, these guys have been working on music together for awhile now. They have been previously known as The Narwhals and The Feaver. While it’s unclear why the name of their band has changed so many times, we’re not complaining. Their new song, “Pleaser” is actually just that. It’s a crowd pleaser starting off slow and then steadily picking up a beat you can’t help but groove to.

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Dylan shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, “My band Wallows just released our first song, “Pleaser”. Streaming on Spotify/Apple Music etc. now. (SoundCloud link in bio). @wallowsmusic.”

How great is it?! Dylan landed, what some say, is his biggest break yet in 13 Reasons Why but he’s been in the acting world for a while – and the music world, obviously. Dylan chatted with J-14 EXCLUSIVELY before he was set to star in the movie Goosebumps and revealed what he would tell his younger self if he had the chance.

To be honest, after seeing all of the changes he’s made in his life in terms of landing the role in 13 Reasons Why and getting this new band and single off the ground, his words back when he came to visit the J-14 office can definitely apply to his situation today.

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He said, “I feel like I’m happy where I’m at. I feel like everything happened the way it’s supposed to. Don’t get bummed about that project, you have this one coming up, you have no idea about yet that kind of thing.”

And right he was. He had no idea what he would land in 2017 and what successes would come of it. We’re super excited for him and we can’t help but share a little secret about his new single. We’ve had it on repeat all. damn. DAY. There’s no word on whether his band is set to release an EP or a full on album but we will definitely be waiting with open arms. Their sound is cool, unique and super different.

The Wallows are clearly ready to make waves in the music world so get ready for their takeover!

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