It's the show everyone has been talking about and now the anticipation for 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is building. One of the stars of the show, Kate Walsh who plays the role of Hannah Baker's mother, isn't helping our curiosity level either. She recently gave away some details about the second season and what her character is still questioning from the first series of episodes.

Kate chatted with People Now and said, "We’ve already started shooting so I know where it’s going." Ahh, so the storyline is officially out there. The cast knows the fate of their characters and what's all going to unravel this season.

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She praised the show's creator, Brian Yorkey, for his talents and what he has been working on in terms of timing and plot. "His use of time and going back and forth in time, we’ll see more of that. He has such an incredibly all-encompassing vision for the show."

Kate spilled that the way this show tells its story, "[brings] up the ideas of what is true, what is real, what is not…I think you see Mrs. Baker still questing for the answers of what happened to her daughter…The mystery just keeps getting more and more revealed."

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Okayyy, that literally made us 10 times more excited. Actors really know how to get people amped without saying a single word and we're confused how they work such magic.

Regardless, the second season of 13 Reasons Why seems like it's going to be just as successful as the first season. It was dubbed Netflix's most popular show ever and there's a good reason why. Selena Gomez took on this project because it was something she was passionate about. Now, she's gotten us all on that bandwagon. Not only are we passionate about the characters who fans have come to fall in love with but passionate about the message that this show tries to convey.

While Kate didn't know when the second season would be released, she guessed it would probably be around the same time as the first season. So, March of next year we could potentially pick up where we left off. How many more months away is that, again?

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