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It's officially of-freaking-ficial! 13 Reasons Why has begun filming and we can hardly contain our excitement. Fans of the show had been waiting for what seemed like forever to get confirmation that season 2 had been picked up by Netflix. There was no reason why it shouldn't – 13 Reasons Why was dubbed the site's most popular show, ever. But alas, no one really knew its fate.

Once season 2 was actually confirmed, there were so many questions surrounding the storyline. Because the first season was actually based off of the book, Thirteen Reasons Why, written by Jay Asher. So, what was to come next? No idea!

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Now that the first day of filming is over, we can definitely say that Hannah Baker is going to be a character in season 2. Whether or not she has as much screen time as last season is hard to tell. However, Katherine Langford posted a photo on her Instagram story showing the world that she was back in Hannah's boots. And yes, we basically erupted with joy.

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Katherine wasn't the only one excited to get back on set. Christian Navarro, who plays the role of Tony Padilla in the series, took to Twitter and gave the world a 13 Reasons Why season 2 filming update. He said, "Day One. S2. Ready to make some magic. ??."

He continued, "Thank you to everyone who wished us luck today. Day one was great. We are gonna do our best to make something you can be proud of. ❤️."

Christian even tweeted about his plan for day 2 on set and we can only hope his commentary continues on throughout the entirety of filming. He said, "Day 2; today I will attempt to sneak as many snacks from catering into my bag as possible. May the force be with you."

Our fingers are crossed that the whole cast gets on the sharing bandwagon. We need to know as much as possible about 13 Reasons Why season 2 before it actually comes out because you know, we like to know things.

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