It's only been a few days since Netflix officially confirmed that their most popular show ever, 13 Reasons Why would be getting a second season. Fans went wild over the news, naturally. This show has been one of the most talked about shows amongst the teen culture in a long time and most people believed that it deserved a second season.

Not only does it touch upon many subjects that are taboo to talk about in middle schools and high schools across the country but it also opens up the lines of communication between viewers and their parents. Both generations are watching it which makes for a real connection and conversation between children and adults.

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After season 1 ended, fans had no idea if season 2 would ever happen. Why? Because season 1 was based off of the book, 13 Reasons Why, written by Jay Asher. He had not written a second book so all new stories would need to be written in order for season 2 to take place.

Well, it seems like they are well on their way to our television screens! Netflix and the show's creator Brian Yorkey have given up several details about what season 2 will be about. They reveal who will be in the show, where it will take place and whether or not the cassette tapes will play a major role like they did in season 1.

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We've compiled ALL of the details we know so far about Season 2 in one place. After reading this, you'll be begging for 13 Reasons Why season 2 to premiere much sooner than expected!

Click through the gallery and check out all of the spoilers from season 2 that we know so far!

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