Boys will be boys!

It's a common misconception that wherever girls go, drama follows – especially celebrity girls. But, let's not forget about celebrity guys. If we're all being honest here, they can be totally freaking catty as well. Like, legitimately getting into reported fistfights over a girl. Of course, it may make the gal pretty flattered but it's not necessary.

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Most recently, we've seen some tension rise between Justin Bieber and The Weeknd after the "Starboy" singer and Selena Gomez's romantic relationship hit the Internet. The Weeknd has stayed pretty quiet considering Selena fell into his arms but Justin has made some pretty apparent digs. Not has ever been about the "Good For You" singer herself but the Biebs told the paparazzi he would never listen to The Weeknd's music. Ouch!

But, this wasn't actually a full on fight. There have been other celebrity guys that have gotten so caught up in loving one girl that things have really taken a dramatic turn. Oh yeah, and this isn't the first time Justin has spoken up about how he really feels for a girl who's with a guy he doesn't think she should be with.

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Justin and Orlando Bloom actually got into it on social media back in the day! And who can forget the drama between Drake and Chris Brown all for Rihanna? I think we know who wins in that situation.

Regardless, boys will always fight for what they want especially when it comes to the ladies who so innocently steal their heart!

Click through the gallery and check out some of the craziest fights between celebrity guys all for a girl they both want to date!

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This post was originally published on July 31, 2014, and updated on June 29, 2017.

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