It's no secret that we caught Bieber Fever ages ago. Now that Valentine's Day is only one day away here are 14 reasons why we love Justin Bieber!

  1. We love how close he is to his mom and isn't shy about showing the love in public.

  2. Justin is super proud of his hometown Stratford, Canada. It's good to know he hasn't forgotten where he came from.

  3. His many talents are another reason we love him so much. Not only is Justin an amazing singer, but he can play a ton of instruments as well.

  4. We love that he's fluent in the language of love — French.

  5. He's such a guys' guy. Justin loves sports and is pretty good at them too.

  6. He loves his fans! Justin is constantly keeping them updated and showing his appreciation over Twitter and other social media outlets.

  7. We love that he's not afraid to be goofy. Justin is always playing pranks and being silly. Even though he's a huge pop star, he doesn't let it go to his head.

  8. He continues to spread the message that no dream is too big and anything is possible if you stay dedicated. We can't get enough of his positive message, "Never Say Never."

  9. He's truly a caring individual constantly donating to charities and surprising fans that are going through difficult situations.

  10. Justin adores his younger siblings Jazmyn and Jaxson. He loves posting pictures of them and is spotted spending quality time with the two.

  11. He knows the value of true friendship. Bieber remains close to the buddies he grew up with in Canada and to this day still considers them his best friends.

  12. We love all the music collaborations he's done with various artists. He knows how to switch up his style to bring us new music the fans will love.

  13. Justin is so relatable — he loves junk food and candy!

  14. He's not afraid to take a chance. Even though his manager Scooter Braun told him not to sing in front of anyone when he first flew him out to Atlanta, Justin ran up to Usher the second he saw him and asked if he could sing one of his songs.

What's your number one reason for loving Justin Bieber?

Photo courtesy of Island Def Jam.
Written by: Melissa Flores

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