Valentine's Day is coming up, so for the next few days we're going to be sharing with you the 14 things we love about the hottest guys in Hollywood! Here's your first dose of love — 14 special things about funny man, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. Check back every day until Valentine's Day to see what we love about your favorite guy!

  1. His sense of humor! Louis is always joking around with the other members of the band or playing pranks on them. We love that he doesn't take himself too seriously.

  2. Louis is the modern day Peter Pan — he always says he never wants to grow up and we love that he's such a big kid! From playing with Nerf guns, skateboarding during his downtime or getting the other guys to change lyrics to their songs, Louis knows how to stay "Forever Young."

3 Two words: beanies and glasses. Can we start a petition to bring them back?

  1. His kind heart and selflessness. Louis is very close with his mom and sisters and he's done tons of charity work for children. It makes our hearts melt!

  2. His laugh — it's so contagious! We're pretty sure a puppy is born every time he giggles.

  3. We love Louis' sense of style! Whether he's wearing his signature Toms, a graphic shirt and jeans or is dressed up in a suit, Louis is extremely well dressed in our book!

  4. Louis' closeness with best friend and bandmate Harry Styles. All the guys are close but it amazes us that even after two years Louis and Harry are still the best of friends and get along so well! Louis is also very close with Harry's family! Aww!

  5. We love his solos! Especially the one on "Over Again." It's even intern Lindsey's ringtone! His voice is so unique –w e could listen to him sing all day.

  6. His stage presence. Louis puts everything into each song and it shows how passionate he is about his singing.

  7. His tattoos! Although Louis once said he didn't like them for himself he's obviously changed his mind! They're quirky and fun and represent his personality so much.

  8. His voice. We know the boy can sing, but what we really love is his speaking voice. We think Louis' voice was made for radio if he ever wants to change careers.

  9. How Louis has admitted to being self-conscious, it shows that even guys don't like things about themselves. But we think you and all your "Little Things" are perfect Louis!

  10. His complete randomness! Whether it's making faces on live television or his funny banter on Twitter with The Wanted or with fans, Louis always surprises us with his eccentricity.

  11. Louis' modesty about fame. He is always in shock when someone brings up that they're at the top of the charts, or have broken a record. Louis is genuinely amazed at his fame and never takes it for granted. He can never believe it's really him achieving these great things.

What do you love about Louis?

Photo courtesy of Columbia Records.
Written by: Lindsey Smith

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