He might be making a splash in the entertainment world by playing Alex Standall on 13 Reasons Why, but Miles Heizer isn't a newcomer to the biz. This guy has been acting for years and nothing is stopping him now.

The 13 Reasons Why actor plays a character who was close friends who Hannah Baker – the girl who commits suicide and releases tapes to help her peers decode the reason behind this grave decision. However, when Alex fell head over heels for the character Jessica Davis, he and Hannah drifted apart. In general, Alex tries to convince everyone to do the right thing. Of course, for those of us that have binged watched the season already, we know that Alex is shot at the end. Whether it was a self-inflicted wound or someone actually targeted him is still up for debate.

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But, WHO really is the actor that plays Alex? WHO is Miles Heizer?

To be honest, he has a lot of qualities and personality traits that fans definitely don't know about him. Of course, there were lots of rumors buzzing a couple of weeks ago that Miles and his 13 Reasons Why co-star Brandon Flynn were dating. There was a lot of evidence to build a strong case that these two were really in a relationship. I mean, they were kissing each other on the cheek on social media and it was adorable!

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Fans of the show ate it up before Miles' rep shut down the stories and said the guys were just friends. But, that is just one piece of Miles' life puzzle. He's got many layers including the obscure place he was born, who was the first person he saw in concert AND where else you can find him and Katherine Langford on screen together!

Click through the gallery and check out the 9 shocking facts about 13 Reasons Why star Miles Heizer!

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