ACOTAR fans, unite! Author Sarah J. Maas‘ fantasy book series, A Court of Thorns and Roses (known as ACOTAR) has become one of the biggest literary phenomenons since the first book was published in 2015. Originally a trilogy — until its popularity spawned two follow-up novels — the series follows a 19-year old human girl named Feyre who is thrust into a fae realm full of magic and danger, where she inevitably falls in love with her captor.

Since the show’s rising popularity (thank you, TikTok), it was announced that the books would be adapted into a live-action series for Hulu, with the author acting as co-showrunner. However, things have since quieted down, leading fans to believe that the entire show has been axed. Keep reading to see why, what the author has said and more. 

Will There be ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ Show on Hulu?

Hulu revealed the news of their adaptation of A Court of Thorns and Roses in March 2021, with author Sarah J. Maas acting as the show’s co-showrunner and cowriter, along with cowriter Ron D. Moore, who is best known as the creator of another romantic fantasy series-turned-TV show, Outlander.

At the time, Sarah took to Instagram to confirm that the pilot was in the works. “I’m currently hard at work writing the pilot with Ron,” she wrote in the post, calling Ron one of her “creative idols.”

President of Hulu Originals & ABC Entertainment Craig Erwich, discussed the series at the Television Critics Association press tour in January 2022. “The books are a great roadmap for what I think will be a very successful series,” he said. “I haven’t read the material yet, although I’m very aware of a lot of the conversations going on with the show … Ron is truly one of the visionaries of that genre.”

Was ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ Hulu TV Show Axed?

Since the show’s announcement, news of its progress has been kept tightly under wraps. It wasn’t until September 2023 that fans started to raise eyebrows, after Sarah deleted her original Instagram post from March 2021 announcing the Hulu adaptation.

While it remains unclear whether the show is still in the works, especially with the ongoing SAG and AFTRA strikes, fans immediately ran with the rumors — and have their own ideas on who could adapt the series next.

One fan posted, “I need HBO to make an Acotar series NOT Hulu. We need Game of Thrones level budget for this series.” Another wrote, “Saw the rumors that the ACOTAR/Hulu show might not be happening anymore and I am THRILLED. 1. I don’t think Hulu is the place for it 2. I’m not convinced that we need a show unless it’s PERFECT 3. This gives SJM more time to write the damn books.”

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