The show 13 Reasons Why has given the world a whole new batch of stars to completely obsess over. Everyone from Katherine Langford, Alisha Boe to Michele Selene Ang have been a breath of fresh air, but the guys on the show also truly stand out.

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Every character on the show has his own personality and their own way of thinking, and though most of the guys show sides of themselves that are clearly flawed some of them make their downfalls endearing and leave us wondering what will become of them if there is a second season of the show.

The characters range from the cruel bully to the brainless jock, to the good guy who loves a girl from afar, the class president, to the mysterious guy, to a guy who comes from a troubled family to even one guy who had a terrible fate and totally deserved better—R.I.P, Jeff Atkins, he deserved way better.

jeff atkins

The cast is all made up of young faces that fans might be seeing a lot of after this show but for now, we have made a full guide of the guys on the show and what role they play in the series.

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Click through to see all of the guys from '13 Reasons Why' and see which one is your favorite.

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