It's no secret that Aaron Carter and his girlfriend Madison Parker are adorably cute together. But, fans don't always get an inside look at their relationship. Recently, Aaron has changed his tune and the couple has been spotted all over his Snapchat!

They spent the whole day together in the sunshine, kissing, cuddling and singing. Well, Aaron seems to be busy singing to his old hit track "I Want Candy" while Madison, being the amazing girlfriend that she is, sits and listens.

Aaron and Madison look super in love throughout the entire thing and the way they look each other in the eye just shows the world how head over heels they are!

We've decided to round up some screen shots of Aaron's Snap story to show more of his fans what a great place his love life is in right now. Fingers crossed this isn't the last of Aaron and Madison we see on social media.

Click through the gallery and let us know if you think Aaron and Madison make a cute couple!

Correction: This article originally used the wrong name when referring to Aaron's current girlfriend and has since been corrected.

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