Off the market? Tayler Holder has been in the spotlight for a while, and his dating life has always been a topic of conversation among fans.

“Honestly, I don’t like hanging out with tons of girls. I don’t like to party. I don’t like to club — it’s just not my thing,” the budding musician told OK! Magazine in May 2022, noting that he’d rather just “have just one person” in his life. “I would love to have that but I’m also not looking for it. If anything, I want it to just come.”

Further discussing his past romances, Tayler said he feels like that’s where he’s “messed up the most” previously. “Because I am a big love person — I have a lot of love — I was always looking for a relationship, and I think that’s what f–ked it up for me because it was something that was kind of forced instead of something organically happening, but I would love love,” he shared.

Keep reading for all the details on Tayler’s dating life, including past loves and more. 

Is Tayler Holder Single?

Tayler introduced his followers to girlfriend Drew Knotts in August 2023. “Life’s been crazy recently,” he captioned a post that showed off a kissing photo.

Tayler Holder

“There is always sort of a public relationship even if you’re not public and that’s what happened with my relationships,” he told OK! in the same interview. “Stuff doesn’t work out and that’s normal, and whenever you guys break up or you’re not together anymore, what makes it harder is that it goes back to everyone having an opinion.”

Who Has Tayler Holder Dated in the Past?

Tayler has been romantically linked to Kaylyn Slevin and Sommer Ray in the past. However, that hasn’t been his most public relationship thus far. Throughout 2021, Tayler was in an on-and-off relationship with Charly Jordan. He appeared to reference their public split during an open letter to E! News, addressing the hate had he received online.

“This year, like for many others, has been one of the toughest years of my life and it has really had a negative effect on my mental health due to several circumstances,” he wrote, in part, in April 2022. “I went through a very difficult breakup with someone who I cared for — and continue to care deeply for. Because we both lead public lives, the scrutiny surrounding the breakup made things more difficult than it should have been and I did everything in my power to protect our respective privacies. Unfortunately, that was not respected.”

Since then, Tayler has continued to focus on his continued music releases.

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