TikTok star and DJ Charly Jordan loves sharing bikini photos with her fans!

Boasting 4.7 million followers on Instagram alone, the Las Vegas native is constantly posting pictures from her travels all over the globe — including Dubai, Singapore, Tulum and more — many of which feature stunning swimsuit snapshots.

That said, Charly is hardly your ~average~ influencer. In fact, the 23-year-old is a total entrepreneur! Not only is Charly the CEO of a company called Smoke Roses, but she’s also the founder of an online community called Beauty in Pain that helps bring awareness to the importance of mental health.

“Being mentally healthy is of the utmost importance. Such a big part of my job is being emotional and influential to other people. You must make sure you’re taking care of yourself before you start to influence or take care of other people,” Charly told Forbes in a May 2022 interview.

“I believe that taking care of myself first has allowed me to help so many people, which is what I’m passionate about down to my core. When I speak to individuals and when I go about my work life, I am a very emotional person, and I’m proud to say that. Being emotionally intelligent isn’t bad,” she added.

Charly went on to explain that she attributes a great deal of her success to that. “Everything that I do, I do with longevity. I always treat people like they’re human. I don’t treat people like they’re disposable. The people that I have been able to meet so far are so cool,” she expressed. “Everything I do, I love. The respect and love the people I surround myself with drives my success. It’s not just surface level people coming in and out of my life all the time.”

As for the future of Charly’s career? She definitely has some big plans in mind!

“Long-term, I hope to be able to donate large portions of my income from everything that I’m doing. Right now, money from both my businesses goes immediately back into it,” she said. “I do not see any of that. One day, I want to start my own charity.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Charly Jordan’s best bikini moments. 

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